Chair Massage

Many top companies offer chair massage for their employees. 

(Also great for parties, reunions, baby showers, etc. Call for more information or ideas on how to add massage to your gathering.)

 Kick off chair massage at your office with an employee appreciation day.
 Continue to encourage employee wellness by having a regular chair massage day weekly, biweekly or monthly.

How can massage therapy help you?  Studies show that massage enables you to –

1) Feel better by releasing stress and reducing pain.
2) Sleep better and have more energy.
3) Improve performance, increase strength, and speed recovery for athletes at various levels, as well as non-athletes.

Who benefits from massage?  My clients include:
1) Busy professional people who spend long hours at the computer.
2) People who deal with ongoing daily stress as well as acute stressful situations.
3) People who are recovering from painful injuries or syndromes brought on by stress, activities or trauma such as motor vehicle accidents.

You can offer a company paid appreciation day.
You can partner with the employees and have each pay half.
You can schedule and set aside the time for massages which the employees pay for.
The rate is $60 per hour that I spend in your office, when you schedule six or more massages.
($15 per 12 minute massage, with 3 minutes transition time.)
Add a $15 travel charge for five or fewer massages.

I provide:
A massage chair, face cradle covers, a therapeutic massage tailored to the client’s needs, and relaxing music to help relieve stress. I also have an online way for clients to sign up for their time slots so no one wastes time waiting in line.

You provide:
A quiet room.